12 June 2011

High Time For Some News

A random species of Sorrel (Suring - Oxalis sp.) at Tygerburg

It's been a while since my last post... I haven't had many cameras in the field, but luckily my trusty Bushnell Trophy Cam (2009 non-viewer) captured some interesting things.

A Spotted Thick-Knee (Dikkop - Burhinus capensis) possibly fascinated by the strange glowing lights?

A Thick-Knee seemed, once again, to be fascinated with the camera or maybe they seem to like the company of the "strange thing with the glowing red eyes".

When the nights get lonely, the Thick-Knee knows that his "friend with the red eyes" will keep him company

I used a tuna can as bait with this camera trap set, but it didn't attract as much attention as the previous one. I caught some images of this guy eating the grubs that grow in and under the tuna can.

There were other visitor as well.

The Bontebok (Bontebok - Damaliscus dorcas dorcas) herd did their rounds as well

The Bontebok came in for a sniff. In one of the images it appears as if the antelope was standing over the camera.

I guess the hind feet must be behind the camera...

I usually place my cameras close to the ground to get nice photographs of the small to medium sizes mammals at Tygerberg. Bontebok might be smaller than many of the other antelope species but at Tygerberg they are the largest mammals in the reserve.

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  1. I always put my cameras low to the ground too, Henry.

    1 foot (~30 cm) off of the ground is standard for me...sometimes I pay the price with dirt on my lenses after a rain, but its worth it to get pics of the smaller critters.