22 May 2011

Caracal At The Can

I've been getting lots and lots of Caracal photographs on my camera traps recently.

Caracal (Rooikat - Caracal caracal) to close to focus

However, as I expected, the last week or two at the tuna can saw barely any activity. There was only one visit from a Caracal and it didn't seem to be overly fond of the horrible stench oozing from the can.

Video: Caracal sniffing the tuna can


  1. Pity that caracal was just a bit too close otherwise it would have been an amazing portrait. Still a great shot though.

  2. They are absolutely cool!

    Love the ears!

    Nice shots and video.

  3. Oooh - they do have great character. Was that your homebrew or a Bushie?

  4. Thanks all :)

    @RandomTruth: The image of the Caracal facing the camera was with the ScoutGaurd (flash model) and the video was with the 2009 Bushnell Trophy Cam.

  5. Hey Henry...

    How do you like that new Scoutguard Flash? I know Joe at Massanutten Game Trails has one and seems to like it.

    If the trigger time turns out to be half-way decent, I may consider picking one up in the future. I get frustrated with the slow trigger and white-outs from my Bushnells Trophy Cams.

  6. Beautiful animal and great to see them that close.

  7. Gorgeous animals..love those ears.

  8. @Trailblazer:

    I'm not sold on the ScoutGuard Flash... I'm still getting to know it, but I would say that the trigger speed is comparable to the Bushnell's (you might call it slow, but its much faster than my first Moultrie). The detection is not as good as the Bushnell in my opinion. The flash is OK for a commercial camera, better than my Moultrie but worst than my Cuddeback. The camera also has a "clunk" noise, which makes it very easy to locate and might effect the animals' behavior. The images also seem a bit blurry at full size.

    The bottom-line: It is basically what I expected it to be for the price, maybe even slightly worse. (I hoped for much more.)

    Other people's opinion might differ, but I wouldn't recommend it, yet. It wasn't a waste of money, but it could/should have been better.

    The only real Pro I can think of is the fact that you can set it to only take photographs between certain times (6pm-6am for instance).

  9. Thanks, Henry....good to know.

    Yeah, Moultries have as close to abysmal trigger times as you can get. Bushies are much better than those. The big frustration I have with the Bushies is that their trigger times are slower than advertised (which the folks as Chasingame actually confirmed). Wish I had seen that before buying them!!

    I've got a Cuddeback too. Despite the fact that folks trash them....I like mine. Nice flash pics, fast trigger, etc. Just wish it had a wider cone of detection and better programming options. That's reason why I was hopeful about the Scoutguard Flash.

    If I wasn't so chicken...I guess I'd take the plunge and make a home-brew cam!

    Looking forward to more pics....and thanks for your comments on the cam!