Species Identification

I often find myself having to identify South African mammal species. Be it from digital photographs, camera trap images or just a fleeting glimpse in the wild while visiting a nature reserve or even at home.

On this blog I would like to, over time, build up a collection of pages to help identify certain species and how to tell closely related species apart.

Large Spotted Catlike

Small Spotted Catlike
African Civet
Rusty-Spotted Genet
Large-Spotted Genet
Small-Spotted Genet

Elephant Shrews
Four-Toed Elephant Shrew
Round-Eared Elephant Shrew
Short-Snouted Elephant Shrew
Peter's Short-Snouted Elephant Shrew
Bushveld Elephant Shrew
Western Rock Elephant Shrew
Eastern Rock Elephant Shrew
Cape Rock Elephant Shrew
Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew

Small Antelope
Cape Grysbok
Common Duiker
Grey Rhebok

Cape Porcupine

Note: These pages are a work in progress and will change over time as I add more species and refine the existing pages.