Cape Porcupine

Cape Porcupine, Ystervark, Hystrix africaeaustralis
Cape Porcupine (Ystervark - Hystrix africaeaustralis)

English: Cape Porcupine
Afrikaans: Ystervark
Scientific: Hystrix africaeaustralis

The Porcupine is unmistakable. Its body is covered by thick black hair with long quills on the head and upper part of the body. The black and white banding of the quills are very noticeable.

Can be found in a wide variety of habitats throughout most of southern Africa.

Unique Features
  • Quills
    • The quills can become very long and thick.
    • The larger quills are marked with black and white bands.
  • Body shape
    • The short, thick body with long quills gives it a unique body profile.
    • The perceived body profile can very, depending on the extent to which the animal is raising or flattening its quills.

Compared To Similar Species
  • Southern African Hedgehog
    • The Hedgehog is much smaller than the Porcupine.
    • The Hedgehog has much shorter spines.
    • The Hedgehog has a different body profile.