Species Identification

I often find myself having to identify South African mammal species. Be it from digital photographs, camera trap images or just a fleeting glimpse in the wild while visiting a nature reserve or even at home.

On this blog I would like to, over time, build up a collection of pages to help identify certain species and how to tell closely related species apart.

Large Spotted Catlike

Small Spotted Catlike
African Civet
Rusty-Spotted Genet
Large-Spotted Genet
Small-Spotted Genet

Elephant Shrews
Four-Toed Elephant Shrew
Round-Eared Elephant Shrew
Short-Snouted Elephant Shrew
Peter's Short-Snouted Elephant Shrew
Bushveld Elephant Shrew
Western Rock Elephant Shrew
Eastern Rock Elephant Shrew
Cape Rock Elephant Shrew
Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew

Note: These pages are a work in progress and will change over time as I add more species and refine the existing pages.