Cape Rock Elephant Shrew

Cape Elephant Shrew, Elephantulus edwardii, Kaapse Klipklaasneus
Cape Elephant Shrew (Kaapse Klipklaasneus - Elephantulus edwardii)

English: Cape Elephant Shrew / Cape Sengi
Afrikaans: Kaapse Klipklaasneus
Scientific: Elephantulus edwardii

A small mouse-like animal with long noticeable legs. The snout is long and mobile. The body is generally grey with grizzled black hairs and a yellow-brown tinge. The tail is fairly long, darker above than below and ends in a black tip (with a very slight tuft). Large ears with a reddish-brown patch at the back of the ears. White ring around the eyes. The underside of the body is white with a light-grey tinge.

Limited to rocky areas with cracks and crevices along the Cape mountain ranges and outcrops in the South-West of South Africa.

Unique Features
  • Distribution
    • The distribution maps can be a good indicator of the species in areas where the related species don't overlap.

Compared To Similar Species
  • Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew
    • Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew has a more yellowish eye ring.
    • Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew has less noticeable brown patches behind the ears.
    • Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew has slight yellowish coloration around the mouth and cheeks.
  • Western Rock Elephant Shrew
    • Western Rock Elephant Shrew has more distinct reddish-brown patches behind the ears.
    • Western Rock Elephant Shrew has slightly longs tufts at the end of the tail.
    • Western Rock Elephant Shrew is more vividly white ring around the eyes.