19 June 2011

Cat News

I was very happy last week when I checked my Bushnell. I got a couple of interesting photographs of the mammals at Tygerberg. Below are two noteworthy contributions from the cats.

Caracal (Rooikat - Caracal caracal) youngster practising the stalk

This little guy appears to be still more kitten than cat to my eyes, but the attitude is coming along fine.

I was very happy to finally get my first "kill" photograph. I've been camera trapping at Tygerberg for over a year now, but I didn't have any photograph of a predator with it's prey, until now.

My guess would be it's holding a Mole Rat in its mouth


  1. Oh my gosh....how incredible to get such a close shot of one with prey in its mouth!

    Great stuff as usual, Henry!

  2. Those are fantastic Henry! As you say, it does look like a young caracal.

  3. That is a cracking good picture.....

  4. Ons het Sondag gaan MTB ry deur SpenBona grondpad agter Durbanville en in die nat sand lanks die pad het ek gestop en vir my friend gewys wat vir mygelyk het soos RooiKat poot merke waar die kat geloop het en toe hou die spore op waar hy bo oor n 2 meter draad heing gespring het. Die kloumerke in die sand was beslis nie n hond nie asgv van die patroon wat die kloue gelos het soos die Rooikat gestap het.Ek wonder nogal of die boere daarond nie lammers verloor nie.Ek spot altyd as ons Woensdae aande ry dat ons word dopgehou nou weet ek deur wie. Nie die skape en beeste nie.
    Deon Muller

  5. That's a rare photo--congratulations.

  6. Amazing pics!
    I noticed that the area has a wide field. How did you mount your game camera.

  7. Most of the cameras I used at Tygerberg (including this one) where pegged into the ground on a pole about 30-60 cm above the ground.

    This location had a great grassy clearing and there was plenty of reodent activaty, so it looked like a good spot.