15 June 2011

The Backlog

Here are some images I've been wanting to post, but didn't get around to. I'm going to be a bit lazy and just include the images without writing up a story as well...

A Sorrel (Suring - Oxalis sp.) being visited by a small fly

A patch full of pink Sorrel (Suring - Oxalis sp.)

Porcupine (Ystervark - Hystrix africaeaustralis) near the pond at Tygerberg

Another one near a tiny stream

We came across the old dominant male Bontebok (Bontebok - Damaliscus dorcas dorcas) the other day while it was very misty. He lost one of his horns in a fight with his son...

My wife standing next to a huge mushroom


  1. The bontebok photo is very cool. I really like how the mist adds to the defeated forlorn look on the bontebok

  2. I agree with JK...poor Bontebok....great photo!