01 June 2014

Camp Scavengers

I took my Bushnell Trophy Cam with me on my December holiday trip. I thought it could be interesting to point the camera at a garbage bin in the rest camp to see what animals come looking for an easy meal.

Video: Rusty-Spotted Genet (Rooikolmuskeljaatkat - Genetta maculate) looking for some scraps to eat

Even though the camp is fenced the Rusty-Spotted Genet was the first one on the scene. I'm guessing the camp will have one or more "resident" Genets. I'm sure all sorts of animals have secret ways in and out of the camp. Maybe the genets climb along the trees that border the fence.

The other visitor to the nightly buffet must likely crawlers underneath the fence when it wants to enter or leave the camp.

Video: A pair of Honey Badger (Ratel - Mellivora capensis) looking for bigger spoils

These two Honey Badgers didn't stay long. The garbage bins have a pole-thing next to it that helps to keep the lid on, but I'm sure a determined Honey Badger will find a way in. My bin didn't contain anything worth the trouble, so they just moved on.


  1. Wow! A genet and two honey badgers! How incredible....

  2. Glad you enjoyed it :) I would have liked one more species, but I aint complainin ;)