22 June 2014

Added New Pages

I just finished a new page I've been working on to help new camera trappers get familiar with some of the technical aspects of camera trapping.

The page is available over here or simply follow the link at the top of the page (underneath the header bar).

I also did a page recently about getting started with camera traps over here.

I would appreciate any feedback, corrections or suggestions. So feel free to leave a comment (on this post) or email me directly.

I hope it will be useful.


  1. Two great articles, Henry. Really enjoyed the read.

    I recall that somewhere in the past you did a blog on the contents of your bag with a picture of all the items. I found this one of the most valuable posts when I started out.

    I also learned from your posts how to optimally setup the camera on a trail for slow trigger speeds and for a narrow or wide detection area, perhaps you can share some insights on this too?

  2. Thanks for the feedback and ideas. I'm very glad to hear that people find this blog useful.