27 February 2010

Grey Rhebok At The Pond

I decided to start moving my cameras away from the pond. The Moultrie's batteries where dead so I decided to bring it home for a little cleaning. It has been in the field for a long time now and it can do with some TLC. The Bushnell is still close to the pond, but I think I'll move it this weekend. One of the things I like about the Bushnell is the great battery live (and the batteries are cheaper).

Grey Rhebok (Vaalribbok) coming for a drink at the pond

These Grey Rhebok were photographed on 11 February 2010. There is a short article mentioning the release of two females to join the (back then very lonely) male during 2005 over here.

Female Grey Rhebok posing for the camera, it's a pity about the background 

I walk into them every now and again while I'm checking up on my cameras and I usually see 3-4 animals together
The male showing of his fluffy tail

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