23 February 2010

Evidence of Localized Space-Time Fluctuations

The strangest thing happened. Today I realized that the date on my Bushnell Trophy Cam is wrong. Now that might be normal if I accidentally reset it or maybe changed the batteries or something. I decided to check some of my previous pictures to see when this might have happened. After a few minutes of scanning through images I found the moment that will forever change the way we look at physics and, in fact, the world as a whole!

Before: The date was 14 Feb 2010

I notice that it happened on Valentines day... Can that have something to do with it? Whatever it was it could not have lasted much more than a minute...

After the event: The date was 28 July 2008

How this happened I don't know. Maybe the heat triggered something in the electronics? The poor camera has been spending some long hours in the sun. Or maybe some weird software issue? Might be solar flares also. I'm sure it's not aliens, because the only ones that visit South Africa are stuck in Jo'burg...

My conclusion: Must be some sort of localized space-time fluctuation quantum physics hocus pocus.

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