03 March 2010

Finaly My First Grysbok

When I started camera trapping here in the Western Cape a was hoping to find many Grysbok. During a year of camera trapping at Kirstenbosch I didn't manage to photograph even one Grysbok. It is true I didn't spend the entire time just looking for a Grysbok, but I did spend some effort in trying to locate one, but with no luck.

But my luck has turned here at Tygerberg. A Grysbok walked past the camera one evening (near the pond). I have been pleasantly surprised with the number and variety of animals at Tygerberg. I really hope they manage to obtain some new land in the near future, because that will provide a lot of breathing space for the animals.

Grysbok (Grysbok) passing by the camera near the pond one evening with the lights from the houses in the background

A few days after this picture was taken I moved the Bushnell camera into the same spot. The Bushnell managed to get more pictures of the Grysbok (thanks to the faster trigger speed). The infrared flash from the Bushnell does not look as good as the natural flash from the Moultrie, but the Bushnell does have a much better trigger speed and is capable of night time videos. The IR flash is also "invisible" and can be useful for certain situations. Unfortunately the Bushnell's lens speed is a bit slow during night photos and the pictures tend to blur more easily.

The Grysbok's eyes are glowing brightly from the flash

One of my main interests are to identify different species occurring in the "study" area, and for that the Bushnell is great.

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