10 February 2013

A Dog's Day Out

I've seen a couple of Black-Backed Jackal while traveling through the farmland going from Cannon Rocks towards the Alexandria section of the Woody Cape. However, I was still glad to finally get a photograph of one inside the nature reserve.
Black-Backed Jackal (Rooijakkals - Canis mesomelas) darting past the camera in the Woody Cape 

Unfortunately it didn't hang around for long. This is the best photograph I got.

To make up for the lack of Canine images I'll indulge myself and post a few photographs of our dogs enjoying the holiday instead :)

Mushu and Scout interested in something in the sand

Mushu might have the same enthusiasm as Scout, but he doesn't have the same endurance...
Cruzin' on the dunes

Scout contemplating where to run off to next

The Woody Cape offers amazing coastal dune landscapes

Ahhh nothing better than a siesta after a long day on the beach...

Now, with that out of my system I'll be able to dedicate the next post to the two new faces that showed up on the cameras.


  1. Nothing happier than a dog on the beach!
    I like the colours on that jackal too.

  2. Thanks Jeremy. I wish it wasn't blurred though. Maybe if it was taken by the old Cuddeback Capture it would have been better. This was with the newer Cuddeback Attack...