18 February 2011

Twice As Sweet As Honey

I was looking forward to plenty of rodent photographs as I approached the new Sony homebrew camera trap at Tygerberg Nature Reserve. As I scanned trough the images I was pleased with the results. I baited the area heavily with bird seed and set the camera to take nighttime photographs only.

I got many rodent photographs, but there where two other species that also visited. The first and most impressive where these two Honey Badgers. I think it might be a mother and her almost grownup youngster.

Two Honey Badger (Ratel - Mellivora capensis) oozing atitude

This is not the first Honey Badgers I photographed at Tygerberg. You can find the previous post and more information about Honey Badgers over here.

I love this picture and I'm very very impressed with the quality of these homebrew cameras. It is a real pity that the lens gears are still giving a few problems. Regardless I'm sure I'll use this camera as often as possible.


  1. Great pictures Henry. Do you think they were brought into the camera hunting rodents or just passing by? Have you thought about looking around for a "new" S600 and redoing the hack and that one and plugging it into the kit?

  2. Thats amazing, ratels are the top of my must see animals. On my visits to South Africa I search high and low but still nothing. I may have to give Tygerberg a visit next time.
    P.S your blog makes me want to return to South Africa every time I check your updates.

  3. Just fantastic. You are camera trapping under a lucky star, Henry. Keep 'em coming.

  4. That's a money shot. Just doesn't get any better. Photos like that make you forget all the hassles, don't they?

    Well done.

  5. Thanks guys.

    @JK: Yes, I think the rodents might have attracted them, but they didn't seem to stay long, so maybe not. I'm on the lookout for an old S600, but its harder to find cameras over here...

    @Matt: Yes, Ratels are very illusive. I've only ever seen one in real life at Kruger National Park.