24 February 2011

Gerbils Galore

 Cape Gerbil (Kaapse Springmuis - Tatera afra) at Tygerberg Nature Reserve

The gerbils came out in full force. I was hoping to spot a Hairy-Footed Gerbil amongst them, but it seems that there are only Cape Gerbils at this location.

They were all over the place

They made the best of the bird seed I put out as bait. The camera was set to only take photographs at night, but I'm sure during the day many other creatures also had their fill.

Taking off

All this leaping about reminded me of this great post by the Camera Trap Codger over in America.

The homebrew camera did a good job at its first location. These gerbil shots were what I was after in the first place.

Up close and personal

Camera trapping small mammals can be tricky, but with patience, the right conditions and some luck one can get good results. I enjoy camera trapping the smaller animals (as well as the bigger ones). It is too often that the smaller/elusive/common creatures get over looked.

Putting their backs into it

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  1. Nicely done. And I'm with ya of course - I too like to trap the little critters.