19 November 2010

Return Of The Genet

It's been a while since I captured a Large-Spotted Genet at Tygerberg.

Large-Spotted Genet (Grootkolmuskeljaatkat - Genetta tigrina) checking out the camera

This is probably one of the best Large-Spotted Genet photographs I've taken to date.

I moved the Cuddeback away from the pool because of its narrow detection zone and placed it in a new area I haven't been before.


  1. Very nice, indeed, of Mr Slinky. Hand-reared quite a few of those.

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  3. @Codger: It must have been an interesting experience. Pretty little things to have around also. Why did you hand-rear these genets (and the water mongoose), if you don't mind me asking?

    #Steve: Great stuff, looking forward to the results!

  4. Hey Henry
    I have results for you :)
    Love your comments :)


  5. @Steve: Congratulations! I've also found that Large-Spotted Genets are quick to appear and hang around longer when one uses some form of bait.