27 November 2010

Large Mongoose Brightens Up Day

I went to check on the cameras shortly after I placed them to make sure that the SD cards weren't filling up to fast. I was a bit grumpy when I found the one camera with its SD card filled, again...

When I got home I checked the 2 GB card. It was filled in just under 4 hours (again), even after my latest batch of vegetation clearing.

I always go through all my photographs/videos when I get home. It can be a long and fruitless process, but you never know. Last time there was absolutely nothing photographed, but this time I was lucky. In fact I was very lucky, I got a few great photographs of a Large Grey Mongoose.

Large Grey Mongoose (Grootgrysmuishond - Herpestes ichneumon) looking freakishly large in this photograph

The camera also managed to capture images of 3 bird species. I didn't know that I photographed a mongoose while I was busy checking the camera (Bushnell Trophy Cam without the viewer).

I was feeling hot, sweaty and somewhat frustrated, so I decided to switch the camera to only turn on at 5:00 pm and then turn itself off at 9:00 am. I'm hoping it will minimize most of the photographs of vegetation blowing in the wind. The downside is that I severely cripple my chances of photographing daytime species such as the mongoose above.


  1. What an amazing animal! And of course there are few things that can brighten a day better than a mongoose. However, this shot does remind me of those photos you see of the Loch Ness monster...