04 October 2010

Birds At The Hole

So , who else visited the cameras at the quarry?

A White-Necked Raven settled down in front of one of the cameras for a bite to eat. It is a rather large bird and an impressive Raven.

White-necked Raven (Withalskraai - Corvus albicollis) eating... something...
Big fellow keeping an eye on the camera

A pair of Red-winged Starlings also call the quarry home. The female has 'n paler head than the male. I like these birds and they are rather handsome as well. They always remind me of the breeding pair nesting in the courtyard of the Mathematics building at UP, where my wife and I studied.

A pair of Red-winged Starlings (Rooivlerkspreeu - Onychognathus morio), the female is in front

The Bushnells didn't capture a lot of action at night, but managed to photograph a Cape Eagle-owl landing on the rocks nearby.

Cape Eagle-Owl (Kaapse Ooruil - Bubo capensis) with shiny pair of spectacles

Next time I'll post the other mammal species that got captured at Tygerberg's quarry.


  1. Wow, what a beak on those ravens! Impressive. And the owl isn't shabby either. You have found a neat place for the camera, and now we want to see the mammals.

  2. Hehe, I'll post it soon. I've been eluding to it so much that I just hope I didn't overplay my hand already ;)

  3. Lank gelede was daar 'n paar swerfvalke in daai quarry...

    My very 1st bushnell night photo turned out to be a little bit of a flop. It also features a shiny pair of spectacles. I added it to my flickr photostream, titled In the dark. Hope you like it, somehow I think it is incredibly funny.

  4. Haha, yes, a classic camera tap photograph. I'm going out on the limb here a bit, but I would guess that you photographed a Striped Polecat (similar to this http://remotecamera-sa.blogspot.com/search/label/striped%20polecat). My imagination might be running away with me, but I think I can make out a body and tail...

  5. Hello the owl btw is a cape eagle owl. spotted eagle owls more fine barrings than the cape eagle owl's

    1. Thanks for the correction Evangeline :)
      I corrected the miss identification in my database a while back but never came back to update this blog post. I'll do that now.