20 October 2010

1 Year 1 Day To The Day

It has been exactly one year and a day since I took the first step and posted my first entry on this blog.

I felt I had to add some colour to this post...

This isn't a big/popular blog, but I never thought it would grow so fast. I'm not doing this blog for the number of visitors/subscribers. I would probably still do it even if I only had one or two readers (like a year ago when I started). Still, it is great knowing that there are people out there that also enjoy the results from my camera trapping escapades and I enjoy sharing it with you.

I would like to thank all the readers, form the new comers to the few that followed the blog from early on.
Also a spacial thanks to all the people that comment regularly on the blog - none of whom I've met in real live (sadly).


  1. Congrats, Henry. Just keep the posts coming. I can see white-tailed deer on any number of forums here in the States, but your's is the only one that has shown me striped mice, rock dassies, and all kinds of other neat things.

  2. Greetings and congratulations from Massachusetts! I've been following your posts via RSS for the last 6 months, and I really enjoy your humor and writing style. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the wildlife of South Africa.

  3. Bon Anniversaire! Any big goals for your 2nd year of cam trapping?

  4. Its a great blog, After seeing animals other than tigers or big game being captured its inspired me to buy my own camera trap. Ive only just started but had results on 2 out of 3 attempts. Ive even started my own blog.
    Keep it up, South Africa is my favourite place and seeing all the animals there again is great. Im hoping to take my camera around Langebaan maybe next winter.

  5. @Codger: Thanks.

    @Dan: Thanks.

    @randomtruth: I had a totally new area in mind, but its very far and something came up recently that complicated things a bit... It's on ice for now, but hopefully not for to long.

    @Matt: Great, stuff. I checked out your blog and congrats on the fox.

  6. Well done on your year of blogging, I think your's is the only blog I look forward to reading. I have a camera on the way and hope to add to the species list around the peninsular :)