03 July 2010

Tygerberg Travelers

It has been a while since I last posted a photograph of a Porcupine. The Cuddeback trail camera is in a good location and got this photograph of one passing by in the morning just before the sun comes up. During the winter the sun sets much earlier and comes up much later down here in Cape Town than in the rest of the country.

Porcupine (Ystervark - Hystrix africaeaustralis) racing past the camera

I also got a good shot of another Caracal. I just noticed that I seem to post a lot of Caracal photographs... It is not as if they are one of my favourite animals or anything, so I wonder why... I mean, I do like them, but not really any more than most other creatures living at Tygerberg...

This Caracal (Rooikat - Caracal caracal) seems to be in great condition and quite muscular (I guess going up and down the slopes all the time keeps them fit - The collar she used to carry couldn't have been light either)

I sent the above photograph to the people at Tygerberg. They believe that it is most likely "Cara". This is the same one I photographed a while ago. The collar was supposed to have come off months ago, but it malfunctioned. They then tried to recapture her, but without any luck. Luckily the collar finally fell off by itself recently and everybody is glad to see (a once again "burden" free) Cara patrolling the slopes for mice, etc.


  1. Exceptional photos, I'm jealous.

  2. He he, thanks :)
    (Sometimes I think good photos follow a "famin-or-feast" model...)

  3. Nicely captured Henry. You gotta love brag shots for their ability to re-energize your camera trapping drive! :)

  4. Randomtruth, I'm ashamed to admit it but I have to agree.