14 July 2010

A Grysbok During The Day

One of the antelope species seen less frequently at Tygerberg is the Cape Grysbok. These dainty little antelope are mostly nocturnal, but are sometimes also active during the day (dawn/dusk/cold weather).

The Cape Grysbok (Kaapse Grysbok - Raphicerus melanotis) gets its name from the grey ("grys" in Afrikaans) speckles on its body

I've only manage to photograph them in one section of the nature reserve (near the pond). I'm sure there must be more of them and I'm hoping to find them when I start focusing a bit more on other areas in the reserve.

A regular at most of the cameras sets is the Cape Francolin (Kaapse Fisant - Pternistes capensis)

The Cape Francolin and Helmeted Guineafowl try their best to keep my camera trapping in check and make sure that everything is "legal". They make their presence felt by trying to be on as many photos as possible at as many different locations as they can manage in as little time as possible each day while spending as much time as possible at each camera.

I try to think of them as my most loyal subjects :)


  1. Hi Henry dis al weer ek, Anonymous...

    I eventually ordered the Bushy from the guys you suggested, it was delivered to me this morning. Thanks for your help.

  2. Dankie dat jy laat weet het. Ek is bly om dit te hoor :)

    This might sound a bit strange, but it really is the best advice I can give you: "don't give up".

    Camera trapping can become very frustrating at times, but hard work pays off. If you remember to enjoy the whole experience (learning, walking in nature, the excitement of yet another porcupine photo, etc.) it becomes a lot of fun.

    If you decide to share some of your photos on the internet please let me know. I would love to see them.