13 December 2009

WildLog v1.5

Sorry for another "slightly off topic" post, but it is in fact very much related to the "inner workings" of my camera trapping and this blog :)

A few years ago I decided that I want to keep track of our (wife and I) vacation trips and the animals we see during these trips. I also wanted to be able to store information about the location and animal. I also want to be able to upload images to the location, animal and the sighting. I could not find any software on the Internet that would do everything I wanted and, since I am a software developer, I decided to start writing my own program. It has been a slow process and it is hard to find the time and energy to work on it, but over time it is starting to bare fruit.

With the camera trapping I realised early on that I wanted to keep track of the locations where I put my cameras and also the photos I recorded there. Since I had already started work on WildLog I decided to build in some functionality to help me keep track of my camera trapping activities.

The software is basically only used by myself and I develop it with personal use in mind. My dad is also using it, and maybe one day somebody else might find it useful. That is the main reason why I decided to provide the download link on this blog (to share it with family, friends and other interested people - it also saves me money on web hosting costs and is easier than sending huge emails around).

The software is free and open source, so anybody is welcome to use it as they please (at own risk naturally).

You can download the WildLog application here (use the link at the top of the blog for the latest version).
You can download the source code here (not available anymore).

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