01 December 2009

Giving up on the shrew, for now

Below is possibly the same Verreaux's Mouse as the one I photographed previously or maybe its a different individual. The flash didn't go on for the video and at first I thought it must have been a false trigger because the video was so dark and I couldn't see anything, but then I saw the mouse move :) The video clip is to dark to justify uploading it, but here is a frame from it to give an impression.

Verreaux's Mouse (Verreaux se Muis) sitting on the rock

The Small Grey Mongoose also graced us with its presence once more.

Video: Small Grey Mongoose (Kleingrysmuishond)

I decided to move the camera that was under the boulder. I haven't seen any shrew activity lately and I want to try out some new locations. I'm happy with the images from the boulder and I'll try to return to the same spot next year (possibly during the rainy season).

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