11 November 2009

Playing Cat and Mouse in the Ravine

I made a dash for my cameras during a break in the terrible weather we have been having lately. It seems like the shrew is playing games with me... I'm sure he must be around, but I only get unclear images of possible shrews. I got this mugshot of somebody looking at the camera... Its difficult to be sure, but I think its the shrew toying with my emotions...

I set the camera to video mode in the hope of maybe getting a better picture of whether the shrew is still hanging around or not.

I did get some other interesting images. In the spirit of the shrew playing games with me a cat and mouse also made their appearance.

Verreaux's Mouse was seen under the boulder early one evening.

Then a Large-Spotted Genet was seen later the same evening... It might be coincidence, or maybe not... Maybe the Genet was just looking for shelter from the rain, or maybe it was looking for dinner?

The other camera is keeping an eye on an interesting trail close by, but no luck. The rain is not helping either.

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