03 November 2009

October Highlights - Cheeky Porcupine

While checking the pictures from last month I felt rather insulted by one of the porcupines! This fellow, below, came walking down the trail and noticed camera. He then spent about 2 minutes checking out the camera, during witch I'm sure he tried to insult my poor attempt at hiding the camera and disrespecting his privacy by shaking has but in the camera's lens! And he even has the cheek of looking over his shoulder to rub it in!

I must admit his mind games worked. I moved my camera to a new spot with hopefully more polite Forest Shrews...

The same porcupine above presented me with an interesting side profile. Look at the long spiky tail.

Unfortunately this camera also over exposes the images if the flash goes of while the animal is to close... I will have to cover a part of the flash each time I plan on taking closeup pictures.

The other camera was starting to run a bit low on battery power, so I decided to squeeze out the last bit of power from them at a location very close to my office so that I can check up on it daily. The problem with flat batteries are that the camera gets very slow to trigger (charging up the flash, etc takes longer) and it might not start up again after a flash.

This family of three was photographed passing the camera at the same time each day (3 days in total). The parents are always in front and behind with the youngster in the middle.

I also had the Bushnell camera for one day at the rock where I got the Caracal video, just to test it out. I got this shot of a Small Grey Mongoose in action. These guys travel quite fast and usually don't seem to hang around long. It was nowhere to be seen 5 seconds later when the second picture was taken. (The camera is set to take 3 picture each time something triggers it.)

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