06 February 2010

Slow Week...

This pictures shows the Moultrie MD40 "backstage on location"

The camera was at this location for about a week. Unfortunately didn't capture anything passing except for a pair of Cape Francolin (Kaapse Fisant).

Cape Francolin (Kaapse Fisant) fluffing his feathers

There was one other visitor. One evening a strange creature passed by the camera around 11:00pm, but I have no idea what it might be...

Some people I have asked think it might be a duck, others think it might be a small buck or even a rabbit...


  1. I dont know the birds of your area very well, but it looks a lot like a Barn Owl to me, facing away from the camera.

  2. I can see it now!! Yes, a Barn Owl (Nonnetjie-uil in Afrikaans) makes a lot of sense :) How did I miss it?

    Thanks so much for clearing up the mystery!

  3. Seagull Steve beat me to it - Barn Owl, agreed.