19 February 2010

Appreciating the Elderly

Tortoise checking the camera out

There are a lot of tortoises at Tygerberg. I've run into some pretty big ones, such as the one above. I even photographed one coming for a drink and enjoying the green grass at the pond.

Tortoise having a drink

Digging in

Heading back - feeling fresh and full of youthful energy

I also saw this one while on my way to check up on my cameras and snaped a photo with my digital camera.

I like the interesting green color (and orange/yellow/red/brown/black)

Unfortunately I can't identify these tortoises because I don't have a good tortoise field guide, yet. I think I'll keep my eyes open for one next time I'm in a book store. None the less it is still nice to see them stumbling along.


  1. thats a Homopus aerolatus, parrot beaked or common padloper

  2. the big ones are leopard/mountain tortoises Geochlone pardalis