14 November 2013

Mouse Dogs Of Berg River

A common character in this part of the world is the Small Grey Mongoose. They are fairly attractive little beasts and often seen during the day running along a road or path.

Small Grey Mongoose (Kleingrysmuishond - Galerella pulverulenta) at Berg River Dam

They have a grizzled grey look, with almost short "stubby" hair around the face and neck, but they seem to like warring slightly longer pants.

I like the pose in this photograph, it almost seems to be wearing little black boots

The Large Grey Mongoose is a rarer find, although also active during the day and fairly easy to spot due to their larger size. The two species can be tricky to tell apart in camera trap photographs, but the size difference helps, and in general they seem to have longer hair. They are larger than their smaller cousins and seem to have longer legs.

The Large Grey Mongoose (Grootgrysmuishond - Herpestes ichneumon) seems to prefer wearing knee high black boots

One great thing about camera trapping at Berg River Dam is that I can take the dogs with me. Most nature reserves don't allow dogs, but since the area around the dam where I put the camera traps isn't a reserve I'm able to take the dogs with me.

Mushu being very "helpful" while I try to setup the camera trap

They love coming along and have a blast of a time.

Scout waiting for me to finish setting up the camera trap

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  1. Hi there,
    I am hoping to use your pic of the large grey mongoose (very difficult to find) to use in a book for the Kruger Park. It will be a book of most animals found there and will be for kids to stick a sticker next to when they see and identify it. Is this possible? I will obviously credit the pic and include a link to your blog. Thanks so much