30 September 2012

Smile! Please?

I had a set of Large-Spotted Genet photos on my computer waiting to be posted, and yet not a single one of them has a Genet facing the camera!

Large-Spotted Genet (Grootkolmuskeljaatkat - Genetta tigrina) showing off it's lovely tail

In fact, I have a history of not getting these spotty characters to face the camera. By sheer random luck I should have at least a handful of images showing a face. However, I have very few, compared to the number of tail shots I have.

I'll admit that these guys have marvelous tails

I sometimes come close, getting a half decent photograph from the side, but still no mug shot.

Almost there... But as always somehow managing to look in the other direction...

Meanwhile the quest continues...

One might think that this Genet might just as easily walked past the camera from the other direction, but by now we know better...

A much more co-operative set of characters are the Bushbuck. The following two images show two females at different stages of maturity. It is interesting to note the gradual colour change.

A female young Bushbuck (Bosbok - Tragelaphus sylvaticus) sniffing the ground

An older female sniffing the same spot

However, the males are much darker.

A male getting his share of the sniffing

But at least these guys don't mind smiling for the camera.

Now, if only one of the Genet could be this co-operative...


  1. Keep at it and you will eventually get it to look at the camera. Or you could just put up two cams facing each other, that way it HAS to be looking at one of them. Still some really nice shots though.

  2. Great pics Henry

    Please send me an email so I can get you contact details?

    Dave Glass

  3. Love that last Bushbuck pic Henry. What camera(s) are you using?

  4. Thanks guys.

    The last Bushbuck is from my newer Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT (I think it is the 2010 model). The grey and white photo of the genet is also from one of the Bushnells.

    The top two blurry genet photos are from the terrible new Cuddeback Attack.

    The rest are all from my old Cuddeback Capture. I wish I could get another one, since I only have one...