05 June 2012

The Black, Grey and White Now In Colour

Honey Badger (Ratel - Mellivora capensis) at the Woody Cape

"I love it when a plan comes together!" I'm pretty pleased with the above photograph of a Honey Badger from the Woody Cape section of the Addo Elephant National Park. It all started a month earlier when I got some repeat visits of a Ratel on one of the Bushnell Trophy Cams. However, the camera was to close to the trail to take a decent photograph of the visitor.

A Ratel swishing past the camera

Not sure what this fellow is doing...

The Bushnell cameras with their grey nighttime images are great for seeing what's out there, but once you know what is out there you want to get a decent colour photo of the culprit. So I decided to place my trusty Cuddeback Capture (the old model) a few meters down the trial where the thicket opened up a bit. I think it payed off well :)

Mr (yes, a mister) Honey Badger showing us his powerful claws

It's good to see some carnivores in the thicket. I've seen plenty of molehills in the area and I'd put my money on it that these guys dig them out. Honey Badgers feed on a wide variety of small animals (mammals, birds, reptiles and insects) and off coarse has a sweet tooth for honey.

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