02 May 2012

Webs Of Fear

I'll be heading off to the Woody Cape this weekend and can't wait to check my camera traps. I didn't have much time to scout for good locations, so I hope the ones I picked turned out well.

One thing I have noticed about the Woody Cape is that it is home to an amazing variety of spiders. Now, I must admit that I have a healthy fear of spiders, but some of the ones I've come across are just to intriguing to ignore.

A spider on a leaf (unfortunately I didn't have a proper camera with me to photograph these spiders)

There are spiderwebs everywhere, especially early in the day. One morning I was busy looking for a good place to put my camera, somewhere on the edge of the thicket, while having a really hard time finding a place for my next step that is free of a spiderwebs.

A spider on its web full of early morning dew drops

But the spiders that scare me the most are the ones that spin huge thick webs in the openings amongst the thickets. It is hard enough to move around in the small game trails without these huge spiders obstructing your way. The worst part is that I often have to bend so much forward while walking that I can't really keep an eye open for the webs...

This photo came out pretty well for a "cellphone" camera, partly because of the huge size of the spider

I don't usually post pictures of humans passing the cameras, but this next set of images were just to strange to pass up.
I must admit that my heart was beating in my throat when I saw the first image: Here was I guy walking past my camera, a camera that is hidden away some distance from the closed human building, in spider invested territory, with some kind of sharp/dangerous object in his hand!

But when I noticed the toilet paper I was truly shocked! Surely I did not capture such a sacred moment on film?
A Human (Mens - Homo sapiens) heeding to the call of nature

It required true courage to master this new sense of horror I felt creeping up inside me. I reluctantly pressed the button to view the next images... I was relieved to find that this gentleman decided to seek a truly secluded spot to conduct his affairs. On his return 10 minutes later he was still unaware of the camera and clearly missing something else...
I'm always amazed how people can walk right past a camera and not take any notice of it, I think the animals pick up on its presence much better

All is well that ends well, but I must admit these images still stir an uneasiness in me...

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  1. Dear Henry,

    that spider that is sitting on that leaf. could it be that that is a Darwin's bark spider.
    for so far i know are they quite rare. and can make enormous webs!