12 March 2012

They Came In Twos

One animal that always seems to pop up wherever I camera trap is our good old friend the Porcupine and Suikerbosrand was no exception. The Sony s600 homebrew camera snapped a photograph of two Porcupine walking though a section of the reserve with many trees and denser vegetation.

Two Porcupine (Ystervark - Hystrix africaeaustralis) on their nightly wanderings

My main focus at Suikerbosrand was to photograph some more "grassland/bush veld" species, but this location was just to good to pass up, and it paid off. I was hoping for some Common Duiker here.

Common Duiker (Duiker - Sylvicapra grimmia) at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

I placed the camera higher up a tree than usual for a different angle and I think it turned out well.

I'm wonder why he is wagging his tail...

By comparing their horns I would guess these photographs are of 3 males. The females don't have horns.

A Duiker visits the camera trap during the day

With so much male activity around one would have expected to see a female in the area, but I didn't photograph any females during the short time camera trapping over Christmas.

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

I'm behind on posting, so there is still plenty to come. I'll be wrapping up Suikerbosrand soon, and then I'll finally share some statistics from my Tygerberg camera trapping.


  1. Good finds. The s600 seems quick enough for porcupines.

    1. Yes it is pretty fast but mine still suffers from lens-gear-failure every now and again. Then I have to bash it around until it works smoothly again. Maybe later this year I'll have the time and money to make a new homebrew :)
      Thanks for all the comments.

  2. I like the perspective of the camera looking down. We played around with a few sets like this with a Bushnell but not he Sony yet. This post is a great reminder to give the homebrew a bird's-eye view.

  3. Why he is wagging his tail? He knows that there is something up there :-)