23 April 2011

Sumary Site For Tygerberg

Another fire flower at Tygerberg - Some type of Amaryllis I think

Since earlier this year I've been working on a site that I can use to summarise and showcase the (first year's) camera trapping data from Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

I got hold of a really cheap website hosting package and put together some pages for each mammal species photographed at Tygerberg, together with a map showing where the dirty deed happened...

Its not the prettiest little site that ever existed, and the content isn't heart moving prose, but I think it'll do for now. I've already spent way to much time on it...

The idea was to keep it simple (only html), but I ended up doing a bit more... Similarly to WildLog this is also a hobby/pet project in its own right, and I wanted to try some stuff that I can't really do/use/pull of at work...

Anybody that might be interested can check it out over here: http://www.mywild.co.za/tygerberg/index.html (while the monthly bandwidth allocation lasts, hehe).


  1. I really like the website. I can tell that it was a lot of work and will continue to be a lot of work to keep it updated but totally worth it. Very informative in a general sense and a specific sense and I have to say learning the Afrikaans names is a lot of fun for those of us an ocean away. The layout of the species pages is quite neat and tidy.

  2. Thanks JK. You are correct, it will take some work to keep it updated, but I tried to streamline the process a bit to make it easier to update individual sections at a time, so I think I'll manage. I'm hoping to keep on adding stuff to the site, but it'll be a slow process :)