29 August 2010

Nightly Encounters

I got an interesting photograph of a Caracal recently.

The Caracal (Rooikat - Caracal caracal) is the largest predator left at Tygerberg and is, in a sense, at the top of the food chain

I would love to know to what those two glowing eyes belong... Caracal have been known to kill smaller predators such as Yellow Mongoose and African Wild Cat. For some reason I don't think that those little eyes are happy to see the Caracal.

One species at Tygerberg I think that gets less trouble from Caracal is the Porcupine. As far as I know a Caracal won't try to kill a healthy adult and the young are always escorted by at least one parent.

Porcupine (Ystervark - Hystrix africaeaustralis) feeling confident on the Tygerberg hills

I don't get that many owl photographs, most likely because of the small chance of one landing in front of the camera. So I was pleasantly surprised with this Spotted Eagle-Owl at the pond, even though it landed a little to close to the camera resulting in an over exposed image.

Spotted Eagle-Owl (Gevlekte Ooruil - Bubo africanus) checking out the camera

F. Palomares, T. M. Caro. (May 1999). Interspecific Killing among Mammalian Carnivores. The American Naturalist. 153 (5), 500.


  1. I like the fact that you included the Africaans names of the animals.

  2. Thanks. I do it mostly for myself, family and friends, because that is the name we know the animals by.

    I haven't started "translating" the Afrikaans names, but the Porcupine would translate to something like "iron-pig" and Caracal would be "red-cat".

    Also Afrikaans has a rule: "One concept = one word". That is why many of the names are such long words. For instance a "Large Spotted Genet" is a "Rooikolmuskeljaatkat" witch translates to "Red Spot Musk Kat".

  3. Hi Henry it's Anonymous again.

    I could swear the Crouching Caracal is looking into a Hidden Camera... :-D


    My new Bushnell Trophy Cam is now in the field. It's the XLT model. My site is very far away & remote, I do not expect results soon. When I have something meaningful I'll let you know.

  4. Anonymous, looking forward to hearing what you photographed :)