21 May 2010

Sleep Walking?

I had the flu last weekend and couldn't checkup on my cameras. I'm starting to feel myself again and managed to make the best of the son that came out during the week to go check the cameras today. It seems nothing much happened while I was sick.

The most interesting photos where of the Bontebok at night. It is the same (and only) small herd that hangs around at the pond. The current camera position and the pond is at least 2.5 km apart. These antelope seem to move through this area regularly either late in the afternoon or at night (as late as 10:30 pm). I'm not sure where they are going, or why they are doing it so late...

The small herd of Bontebok passed the camera at 10:41 pm

This post is not much of an update, but not much happened during the last week. It might have been the rain that slowed things down. According to the weather forecast (which doesn't really mean much over here) it should be sunny tomorrow, so I'm planning to go back and move both cameras to new locations. I'm on the lookout for some locations that might have Duiker and I want to spend some time at the recently burned grassy area that is now turning bright green from the rain.

Mmmm, the grass appears to be greener on the other side (of the hill)...