30 April 2010

Some Work With You, Some Work Against You

Tuesday was a public holiday and I thought it might be a good idea to drag my better half along with me for the company to check up on my trail cameras at Tygerberg. I thought the going should be easy because both cameras are reasonably close to a gate and it should be a nice outing. As it turned out the Plattekloof gate was closed (because of the public holiday). After some second thoughts (because of the wrong shoes for the job - slops/sandals are not good at off road walking) we decided to do the grueling walk to the Plattekloof pond, during the heat of the day... It ended up being tiresome (as expected), but the company was good (also as expected) and we took it slower than I usually do it when I'm alone after work (again, also as expected).

The results? Nothing much. It has been a bit slow recently, but there where still a few good results.

The Moultrie had some better luck pointing in its new direction and got this great shot of a Small Grey Mongoose (Kleingrysmuishond).

Very attractive little fellow posing nicely for the camera

The Bushnell however has been continuing its recent streak of bad luck. It has been only downhill after snapping my first Small Grey Mongoose a while ago. Last week it (finally) ran out of batteries on the second day after I checked it, and this week it was moved by the local Bontebok (Bontebok) on the first day after I checked it.

The culprit in action, tampering with the hardware

I had really high hopes for this spot, but I keep on running into problems. It is also very close to a busy road and it draws to much attention from passers by, so I guess I'll be forced to move it soon. I just wanted to give it one last try this week...

While going through some of my pictures I stumbled upon this little gem. I just love how the cheeky Egyptian Goose (Kolgaans) and Bontebok (Bontebok) have a face off at the pond.

Egyptian Geese (Kolgaanse) are b-a-d-a-s-s-s-s-s!!

And if you where wondering, the goose won the staring contest. But that is no surprise if you are familiar with these guys.

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