19 January 2010

First result from Tygerberg

I set up the cameras on Tygerberg Nature Reserve this weekend (for the first time).

I placed the cameras on Friday afternoon and on Sunday my better half and I went back to check up on them. I wasn't really expecting any animal pictures and basically just wanted to see how the wind is behaving - whether it is filling up the SD memory cards to fast or not. I got some pictures of moving grass and bushes, but no animals. I decided to moved both cameras to better locations and planned on leaving them until later in the week.

When we got home I realised that I forgot to insert a SD card into the Moulrie camera! Luckily it has (20 MB) built in memory, but it wouldn't have lasted long if the wind picked up. So, on Monday I went back to insert the much larger (1 GB) SD card. I also used the opportunity to download the images from the small internal memory. As it turns out it is with this "backup" memory that I got my first animal pictures at Tygerberg Nature Reserve :)

It's not the best shot, but for some reason I like it. I feel that it actually says more than meets the eye at first glance...

Monday morning, some time after dawn, the ears of a Caracal (Rooikat) passes by the camera on Tygerberg, with the city in the background

It is going to take some time to learn how to deal with some of the challenges there, but I am positive that things will work out well. The wind is going to be a problem though and there isn't much to strap a camera onto...

There is a lot of potential at Tygerberg for some great pictures, so lets keep our fingers crossed for some good action during the weeks to come!

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