19 October 2009

First step...

Lets start with a brief background. Almost two years ago my wife bought me a Moultrie D40 for Christmas. I was very happy with this great new toy. (Unfortunately for her she has since learned to dread that fateful day...) The past year I have been trying to find evidence of mammalian life on Table Mountain. This has proven surprisingly difficult. It turns out that fynbos is a little less large mammal friendly than other ecosystems, so I have my work cut out for me.

Recently I have focused my attention on the Kirstenbosch area, since it is conveniently close to my office. At first I tried week after week with no success. Finally I got some pictures and since then I've been improving (albeit slowly but surely).

Below are two of the regulars from the previous year: (I'll probably cover some of them in future posts)

Large-spotted Genets are common in certain areas around Kirstenbosch. These handsome small carnivores seem to prefer the more foresty parts.

After months trying to find a single picture of a Porcupine I now seem to find them almost everywhere!

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