29 July 2014

Some Stripes And A Steenbok

I've been occupied with some other stuff recently and thought I would just do a quick post of some camera trap photos that have been laying around for a while and I haven't gotten around to yet.

Plains Zebra (Bontsebra - Equus quagga) getting a mouthful

The Steenbok below is a young male being harassed by a bunch of flies on a hot summers day.

Young male Steenbok (Steenbok - Raphicerus campestris) with still relatively short horns

The next male has a far more impressive set of horns.

What lady Steenbok wouldn't want to lose her virginity to this stud! Even the flies respect him.

The photograph below (and the one at the top) was actually taken about 10 month ago. It is from my first batch of photographs.

Zebra family walking past the camera trap at Koeberg

I like how the photograph bellows shows the white belly, short tail and large ears that are so characteristic of the Steenbok.

And that's all folks

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