23 November 2013

Lunch Time At Tygerberg

I've been sitting on these photographs for a long time and just couldn't decide what to do the post about. So, here goes...

I first noticed this male Grey Rhebok with a broken horn in June 2011. I don't know if this is still the same male I've camera trapped for the first time in February 2010, or whether this is a new male. Nor can I be sure how he broke the horn, but one would expect it happened during a fight of some sort.

Ever since June 2011, this fellow has been the only male to be seen with the females in the small herd at Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

Grey Rhebok (Vaalribbok - Pelea capreolus) closing in for the kill

The Grey Rhebok in particular seems to have a hard time with flies during the summer months, but that does not seem to hamper their appetite much.

Munch munch munch, the plant had no chance against this experienced plant-predator
I made an animated GIF of another predation event. Look at this sap-thirsty Grey Rhebok tearing a limb from this innocent plant. At least a carnivore's prey has a chance to escape! These vegetarians are a merciless and viscous bunch!

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