22 June 2010

A Slightly Floral Mix

Some flowers growing next to a dirt road at Tygerberg Nature Reserve 

This time around I thought I'll mix in some pictures of random flowers I photographed during my most recent trip to Tygerberg. Unfortunately I don't know their names, but they are still pretty to look at none the less.

Bontebok in the mist

The Bushnell is still at home recovering from its month-in-the-mist-flu. I'm making sure it is kept warm and stays in bed. I tested it today, and it seems to be working smoothly again and I'll take it back to work later this week.

Some more photos of the floral kind

When the Bushnell gets back to work I'll pick a new area for it to keep under 24 hour surveillance. The old spot turned out to be very productive. A Large-Spotted Genet paid the set a visit. This means both the Small- and Large-Spotted Genet was photographed at the same spot.

Large-Spotted Genet (Grootkolmuskeljaatkat - Genetta tigrina) gracing us with its presence

There where also many photographs of Four-Striped Grass Mice, but none particularly worthy of posting on this blog (although I admit that my standards are sometimes shockingly low, he he he).

I love the little grass mice. They are so much fun to watch, especially in the late afternoon. They are always busy, scurrying about,climbing bushes and then taking the shortcut down by just jumping off the twigs. There are a ton of them around and result in almost constant "company" as you walk along the dirt road.

A Small Grey Mongoose also popped by every now and again.

Small Grey Mongoose (Kleingrysmuishond - Galerella pulverulenta) gazing into the distance (probably writing some mongoose-poetry)

And I'll end the post with a bit of a bang by adding a splash of red/orange. These are quite nice little plants and I'm tempted to dig one up for my garden, but I just can't get myself to actually do it (it just feels wrong)... I think I'll wait for it to set seed and then steal some and see whether it might sprout at home.

Yes, I'm terrible with plant names and can't even guess what family this little guy comes from (but in my defence: I'm terrible with all names, for everything! )


  1. Lovely carnivore photos (the flowers are nice too, of course).

    Mongoose poetry:

    Mice are nice, mice are sweet,
    Trembling whiskers, tiny feet;
    Warm and wet, full of crunch,
    I want mice for tea and brunch.

  2. Ha ha ha! LOL!! :D
    That’s wonderful!!
    (I bet you hear a lot of poetry while studying your mongooses.)
    Thanks Lynda, I really enjoyed that :)