14 April 2010

Some More Stats

I finally got around to putting together some species accumulation graphs for Kirstenbosch and Tygerberg.

Species accumulation chart for Kirstenbosch

At Kirstenbosch I photographed a total of 15 species during the year (more info over here). In October I got my second camera (Bushnell Trophy Cam) and it can clearly be seen on the chart how my species list increased. This is partly due to the ability of the Bushnell to photograph smaller animals more effectively.

Species accumulation curve for Tygerberg

I'm doing a lot better at Tygerberg and have much bigger numbers in far less time. I have two cameras in the field most of the time, and I have more experience. I also think that there is richer animal life at Tygerberg than at Kirstenbosch.

In the graph there is a big increase in species numbers during early February. This was then I was busy camera trapping near the pond and resulted in many new species.

It is really difficult to find all the species known or suspected to occur in the area. For instance I have seen Small Grey Mongoose while walking at Tygerberg, but I still haven't gotten any images of one even though they seem reasonably common enough. I think with more cameras, more time and good camera locations you can increase the efficiency of finding new species, but it seems as if there is always also an element of luck involved. But hard work and dedication does pay off :)

Species accumulation curve for Tygerberg, showing only the mammal species

1 comment:

  1. Nice job!

    Just want you to know that at least one reader in the blogosphere likes to see camera trapping data. When your curve levels off it's telling you it is time to do something different, like move the cam to a new location/habitat or try a different attractant. Well that's my theory, anyway. Of course if you leave the cam there long enough something new will eventually make an appearance.

    Keep up the good work and hope you get the loose mongoose.