26 January 2010

More updates from Tygerberg

Tygerberg as seen from Google Earth

Tygerberg Nature Reserve is actually quite small, but it is big enough to support a hand full of large herbivores and tons and tons of Four-striped Grass Mice (Streepmuis).

(Here is another site with some more information about Tygerburg Nature Reserve.)

Four-striped Grass Mouse (Streepmous) checking out the camera

Making a run for cover

The two sets of dark-light-dark stripes on the back of the mouse gives them their name

I can't stop being astounded at how many mice there are! There is a constant scurrying of mice all around you as you walk along the roads.

I'm very pleased to have gotten a few pictures of some antelope this week. It has been a long time since I last photographed an antelope using a remote camera trap - a Duiker in the Magaliesberg.

Thanks Mr. Bontebok (Bontebok) for posing so nicely for the camera, it's greatly appreciated

The other two visitors to the camera set was a bit less polite and only gave us a glimpse of their rear ends...

A Caracal (Rooikat) passed by the camera one evening

Most of the action was at the Moultrie set, but unfortunately that camera has a very slow trigger speed. The Bushnell camera (with a much faster trigger speed) did not get many visitors, but it was fast enough to photograph the striped mice visiting. The Moultrie was to slow to get a full body shot of the passing Grey Rhebok (Vaalribbik).

A Grey Rhebok (Vaalribbok) also slipped by the camera without having the decency to even show it's face

In recent years two female Grey Rhebok where released at Tygerberg to keep the lonely male company - full story. The Bontebok was also reintroduced - full story.

I moved both cameras yesterday, and I'm hoping to identify some more animal species at Tygerberg. At the moment I'm not focusing on getting "pretty" pictures, but rather trying determine what animals are around and where to look for them. In months to come I will most likely try to get "prettier" pictures, but for now I'm happy with the but shots of Caracal and Grey Rhebok.

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