12 December 2009

The secret police

While I was busy tracking down the resting place of the porcupines (previous post) I managed to attract the attention of the secret police...

Helmeted Guineafowl (Gewone Tarentaal) checking out the camera

These guys have been on my case before:

Playing good cop, bad cop

I have seen them around the parking area dishing out punishment on somebody's car. (They usually peck at shiny cars, possible trying to straighten out that "other guy" in the car's reflection.)

They like to keep a camera under good observation and will fill up the memory card in no time, if they deem it necessary.

I think the porcupines might have reported me a few days earlier because I suspect some of their spies where sent to do some reconnaissance work:

Red-eyed Dove (Grootringduif) investigating the camera

Here are some videos of the Red-eyed Dove pretending to feed in front of the camera:

Video: I can see right through this bad acting

Even the Olive Thrush, a friend to many gardeners, has joined their ranks:

Video: The betrial of the Olive Thrush (Olyflyster)

Finally the officer walks past the camera, clearly giving me a warning to back off:

Video: Officer heading towards the porcupines to make sure everything is in order

After such an onslaught I decided that it's probably best if I move my camera to a new location. I will return for some more porcupine picture when things have cooled down a bit...

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