18 November 2009

The elusive shrew: still elusive...

I remember setting the camera to video mode with high hopes. Well, the "shrew" struck again... When I finally managed to get back to the camera I found it flat on its side. "No problem" I thought, "surely it didn't happen on the first day, and surely even if it had I will still get some really nice pictures of the culprit in action". Well, below is the highlights of that fateful evening, 12 November 2009... You be the judge.

The most excitement after that was this...

The rest of the memory card was filled up the next day with videos of blowing tree tops and clouds hurling down the mountain (63 videos in total and 1.65 GB in total - the 2 GB card had some old photos still on it).

I'm getting a little tired of playing nice with this shrew, so I've decided to take the gloves off and bring out the big guns :) Tomorrow I will deploying all sorts of baits and lures to try and get a clean shot at the little guy (or girl). Usually I prefer not to use scents or baits, but when the going gets tough the tough gets going ;) Lets hope for some better luck this weekend!

(Regardless of the outcome it always stays fun, and the challenge to get a picture just makes you what the picture more. Its also a great excuse to spend some time reading up about nature and spending time in it. Trying to get your city eyes to read the signs in nature.)

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