26 October 2009

September Highlights

During September I got some interesting pictures of Large-spotted genets. Here is one of them showing the genet close to the camera. I have learned to put some pieces of plastic bag over the flash to prevent it from over exposing animals close by and it seems to be working well.

I also got my first pictures of a Small Grey Mongoose. Most of my camera trapping has been done on the slopes of Table Mountain between Kirstenbosch gardens and Newlands forrest. There are more trees in this area and the Large-spotted genets seem to be most at home there. The Small grey mongoose on the other hand seems to be much less common in that area, but I managed to find this fellow in an area with a little less trees. The other day stumbled across him in person in the same area :) - that was after this picture was taken. In October I moved my camera to the Constantia side of Kirstenbosch and I have found plenty of these little predators there, on the lookout for some rodents and the like for lunch. The interesting thing is that I haven't gotten any Large-spotted genet pictures in that area yet. It might be due to the fact that that area has less trees and seems to be frequented more often by people and dogs...

The highlight was the Caracal! Usually I prefer setting the camera to Picture mode, but I was playing around with Video mode when the Caracal passed.

The Caracal is currently the largest predator on Table Mountain and it is great to see that they are still around and doing well.

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  1. Not sure if you are still active in your endevours but I thought you might be interested to know that we had a visit last evening from a large spotted Genet as per you picture. It came into our house through the cat flap, saunted around a bit and then left the way it had come in. Really amazing experience. We live off Klaasens Rd. on the Wynberg Park side.